State-authorised translators and interpreters are obligated to observe professional secrecy. We guarantee that all assignments are treated as confidential, and that all instructions are followed precisely and thoroughly.


On the basis of the MA degree in translation and interpretation from one of the Danish national business universities, a state-authorised translator and interpreter is accredited by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and as such is the only professional authorised by the state of Denmark to certify translations.

The Danish title of translatør (state-authorised translator and interpreter) is protected by law.

The stamp with the crown in the centre is our symbol

The official seal or stamp, signature and endorsement of a state-authorised translator legally certify a translation to be a true and faithful rendering of the source text. Not all texts require this official certification. However, whatever the assignment, we always work to the highest levels of accuracy, professionalism and integrity. We always honour the trust placed in us by our customers.

Certification and Legalisation

If your document is to have legal effect abroad, the translation will have to be certified and subsequently legalised. We will ensure that your document receives the required endorsements and stamps from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency as well as other relevant authorities, ministries and embassies.

Only a state-authorised translator is able to certify translations.

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